31st Penal Legion

Penal World
Characteristics Modifiers: +6 Strength, +3 Toughness, -3 Intelligence
Starting Attributes: Toughness
Starting Skills: Intimidate, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Athletics
Starting Talents: Street Fighting, Rapid Reload
Starting Wounds: Penal colony characters begin play with +1 starting Wound.
Favoured Weapon: Long Las
Special Abilities: Honor Amongst Thieves, Larcenous, Scavengers
Standard Kit: 1 x M36 Lasgun, 4 x Charge Power packs (Main Weapon), 1 Suit of Imperial Guard Flak Armour, 2 x frag and krak grenade, uniform, poor weather gear, knife, rucksack, mess kit, water canteen, sleeping bag, blanket, lamp pack, grooming kit, manual, rations, injector and five doses of stimm, dose of slaght, stub revolver and 12 bullets, 2 x knives

Special Abilities

Honour Amongst Thieves
Penal colonists, whether criminals themselves, or the descendants of the previous generation’s scum, know well the way criminal societies operate, understanding the nuances of deception, loyalty, intimidation, and violence that characterise the criminal classes. Penal colonist characters start with one of the following Talents: Peer (Underworld) or Street Fighting.

Hailing from worlds where the black market is the only market, penal colonists are skilled at obtaining illicit items, whether to sell, on or for their own purposes. Penal colony characters add a +10 to all Logistics Tests made to acquire illegal or contraband items.

The regiment may choose to gain a +10 bonus on any Logistics Test. However, on any test where this bonus is used, if any doubles are rolled (22, 33, 44, etc.) whether the Test was a success or a failure, then the scavenging and stealing attracts unwanted attention from higher authorities within the Imperial Guard or the Departmento Munitorum.

Creating the Regiment

Penal World
Regiment Type: Line Infantry
Training Doctrine: Die-hards
Special Equipment Doctrine: Combat Drugs
Special Equipment Doctrine: Scavengers

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