Angelos Crusade

Narrative Rules for Crusade
This is the regiment which spearheaded the reclamation of Baell in the Angelos Crusade.

I will add in the modular army pieces, as well as army lists, point values and history, as games are played with them and as they area added to the story..

Paint Schemes

  • 6th Ossian Avengers Regiment (Infantry): Battle Uniform Zandri Dust desert cam
  • 6th Ossian Tech Division and Officers: Light Blue and White, some gold
  • 6th Ossian Sentinels: Desert Stripe Cam
  • 6th Ossian Chimeras: Desert Cam
  • 4th Ossian Armoured Taurox: Urban Cam (Cerberus Pattern)
  • 4th Ossian Armoured Salamanders: Urban Cam (Cerberus Pattern)
  • 4th Ossian Armoured Tanks: Urban Grey Cam (Cerberus Pattern)
  • 141st Savandarian (Infantry): Grey Uniform and Forest Green armour
  • 141st Savanderian (Vehicles - Field Cam): Green with brown splotches, fake foliage
  • 1st and 2nd Baellish Grim Grenadiers (Infantry): Black and Dark Blue armour
  • 1st and 2nd Baellish Vehicles: Dark Red with hints of gold detailing, Looted Construction gear welded to it and a lot of damage.
  • Storm Bears Vehicle Pattern (Bikes) (Black with Teal highlights and Green Celtic Imagery)
  • 52nd Vathmor Valkyries (Urban Digicam, Lots of whites below, greys on top)
  • 52nd Vathmor Stormtroopers (Urban Digicam)

Main Army

No Org Slot

Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
Enoch C/S E9er Enginseer 40-60 Points Former Tech priest, 0-2 Servitors with Servo Arms Was with Cerberus Squad for their missions Don't have
Number 3 C/S P9er Primaris Psyker ? Death Guard Psyker Was with Cerberus Squad for their missions Don't have

HQ Choices

Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
9er Tac C/S 99er Company Command Squad 121 Pts Gabriel Drakken's personal Battalion HQ. Includes MoO. Fought several training missions against Salamanders to train his troops Don't Have
Ghidorah Squad C/S T9er Tank Commander Squad 565 Pts Vanquisher Tank (Destroyah) with two Battle Tank Escorts (Gigan and Moguera), Commands all armoured assets Destroyed several dreadnoughts and deff dreads 1 Battle Tank Assembled, 1 in box, no Vanquisher


Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?


Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
B-Company 1 Platoon C/s 21 Infantry Platoon (Mounted) 485 Pts 3x Troop Chimeras, and Pl Comd Chimera, everyone outfitted with Flamers Drakken's favored ork clearing platoon. Need to repair and repaint Chimera
C-Company 1 Platoon C/s 31 Infantry Platoon 430 Pts 141st Savendarian Defensive Troop blob, Pl HQ, 3x Sections, Autocannon and Mortar Dets Issued a commissar after an embarrassing rout in training mission Probably have them, not painted
D-Company 1 Platoon C/s 41 Infantry Platoon ? 3rd Ganf Magna Grenadiers Nil Need a few
D-Company 7 Platoon 1 Section Pioneer Section C/s 47a Veteran Squad 165 Pts Ganf Magna Grenadiers; Carapace, Demolitions and Melta Nil Need carapace
E-Company 3 Platoon C/s 53 Infantry Platoon 504 Pts Savanderian Expeditionary Troops The platoon from the story ?
F-Company 7 Platoon 1 Section Plasma Gunner Section C/s 37a Veteran Squad 140 Pts Ossian Avengers; Carapace and 3x Plasma Gunners Nil Need carapace

Fast Attack

Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
Steel Drakes C/s 26a Rough Riders 102 Pts 7 Rough Riders on Bikes; 2 with Meltaguns Handpicked by their Sergeant during the Cerberus Squad rise to glory Have Models, need repainting. Needs stormtrooper model for Sgt.
B-Company 7 Platoon C/s 27T Hellhound Squadron 150 Pts/ea Hellhounds equipped with Multi-meltas These are Drakken's personal favourite vehicles, used for urban clearing and tight ambushes. Have 1, need repaint

Heavy Support

Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
Guard Dogs C/S T77A, T77B Leman Russ Squadron 440 Pts 2x Leman Russ Executioners with Plasma Sponsons; Cerberus and Fenrir Cerberus was the figurehead of Cerberus Squad, Fenrir was retrofitted to match after their return to base Have Cerberus, almost all painted, need Fenrir
T71 C/S T71A, T71B, T71C Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron 555 3x Leman Russ Battle Tanks in Ossian Armoured Angels Forest Theme Nil None painted, 1 primed

Lords of War

Name Type Points Description History Missing Models?
Ragnarok C/S TD1 Baneblade 635 Pts Mobile Fortress, 4x Lascannon and TL Heavy Bolter sponsons First saw action in training exercise against Salamanders Feb 2/2015 Sort of, needs sponsons and paint


Spot for dedicated transports for now
Chimera - Savanderian Pattern = Heavy Bolter Turret, Heavy Flamer Hull, Heavy Stubber Pintle; Dozer Blade
Chimera - Baellish Pattern = Heavy Flamer Turret, Heavy Flamer Hull, Storm Bolter Pintle; Fire Barrels, Recovery Gear
Chimera - Ossian Pattern = Multilaser, Heavy Bolter Hull, Storm Bolter Pintle; Augur Array (Command Vehicle), Hunter-Killer Missile, Extra Armour (Use Mainly Taurox, chimera is a reserve stock)
Taurox - Ossian Pattern = TL Autocannon Turret, Fire Barrels, Augur Array (Command Vehicle)
Valkyrie (Kervathan Urban Digicam)

Secondary Army - 24th Savendarian Expeditionaries

Chimera Borne Infantry, with Battle Tanks (Use Imperial Armour rules for Armoured Battlegroup)
15A Veteran Squad (PCs) No points value, too irregular a squad
T1 Battletank Company


Alternate Rough Rider Sergeant: (Add 15 Points) Sgt Vic ___ - Bike, Carapace Armour, Melta Bombs, Hunting Lance, Plasma Sword, Laspistol (To be modelled with Hot-shot Laspistol; On a White Scars bike, a second model possibly on an Ork Bike for fun?)
Note: Additional Bikers are 11 points for base, 16 points for Grenadier or Flamer, 21 for Meltagun and 26 for Plasma Gun.
Modelled: 1 Biker Sgt, 1 Melta Gun, 1 Grenadier, 8? Hunting Lance Riders. Need Repaint and fixing.

Army Lists

Name Point Value Description History
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