Assail (Psyker Power)

Value: 200xp
Prerequisites: None
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test
Range: 20 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack, Concentration
Description: With nothing but the power of his own mind, the psyker picks up a nearby object; lifting a plasteel barrel, ripping a metal pipe from a wall, or even tearing a boulder from the earth. He then pushes the object through the air, hurling it at his opponent with startling speed.
This power is a Psychic Bolt that deals 1d10 + Psy Rating Impact Damage with a Pen of 2. If the psyker scores at least three Degrees of Success on the Focus Power Test, the target is also thrown 1d5 metres away and knocked prone (certain especially large targets such as battle tanks, Greater Daemons, and Titans are immune to this at the GM’s discretion).

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