Astartes Terminator Armour

Tactical Dreadnought armour, more commonly called Terminator armour, turns an Adeptus Astartes into a nighunstoppable force of destruction. These exceedingly rare suits are the superlative form of individual protection in Space Marine armouries, and enable a Battle-Brother to unleash firepower rivalling combat vehicles. Terminator Armour is only deployed on the most dangerous Missions and only to veterans who have proven themselves worthy of wearing the Crux Terminatus: the icon found on the left shoulder of every suit of Terminator armour. Each one of these honour badges is said to contain a fragment of the Emperor’s own armour from his final battle with the traitor Horus.
Terminator Armour incorporates all the systems of standard Astartes power armour with several upgrades. Superior actuator and stabilisation systems allow for Heavy and Mounted weapons to be fired one-handed. This also provides the Auto- Stabilised Trait and grants +30 to Strength instead of +20. The auto-senses are part of a sensorium, which provides the same capabilities as an auspex. If two or more Battle-Brothers are in Terminator Armour, the input-link capabilities of a sensorium also increase the Squad’s effective Rank by 1 for the purposes of determining whether or not it is in Support Range. Terminator armour’s heavy layers of protective alloys can deflect even the heaviest bombardments. In addition, the Crux Terminatus on every Terminator’s shoulder plate serves as a ward capable of turning aside attacks from power weapons, melta fire, and even the baleful energies of the warp. This protection provides the same chance to emerge unscathed as a Force Field (see page 166) with a Protection Rating of 35. Since this is purely due to the chance of the hit glancing off the armour’s strongest surfaces, there is no possibility of Overload. Also roll once on Table 5–12: Power Armour History.
The massive frame of a Terminator is not without limitations. A Terminator cannot Run, and the wearer suffers –20 to Agility, and cannot Dodge (but may still Parry). Furthermore, in order for the Terminator’s frame to properly support, aim, and interface with weapons, they must be affixed by special couplings. Arming Tactical Dreadnought units is a laborious and sacred ritual that may only be performed by high-ranking
Techmarines with the proper ceremonial accoutrements and facilities. This prohibits the weapon configuration from being changed under other circumstances. Weapons typically available with the right couplings for Terminator armour are limited; when Requisitioning Terminator armour, the Battle-Brother pays the 60 Requisition Points for the armour itself and then must spend a minimum of 40 additional Requisition Points to arm it. Its weapons must come from the list below. (There is no restriction on Upgrades or Wargear.)
Terminator-Compatible Weapons: Any combi-weapon, Power Weapon or Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Storm Shield, Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon, Cyclone Missile Launcher.

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