Augur Array (Cybernetic)

These implanted devices duplicate the effects of sensor systems that go beyond normal human senses. In all cases, their use requires concentration and a Half Action.
Common systems function identically to a standard handheld auspex device.
Poor systems possess only a single detection ability (either heat, radiation, electromagnetics, or very rarely Daemonic taint) and have the limited range of 20 metres. If the augur is set to detect Daemonic taint, it has the possibility to be overwhelmed and malfunction should a Daemon get too close.
Good systems function as a full auspex but also allow rerolls on all Perception-based Tests when using its functions. In regards to the Daemonic taint detection, as opposed to the Poor system augur, a Good system cannot be overwhelmed and seems to almost filter out any taint it detects instead of getting backed up by it.

Availability: Rare

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