Auxiliary Grenade Launcher (Weapon Upgrade)

A small, single-shot version of the regular grenade launcher is fitted onto another ranged weapon such as a lasgun, allowing the user to fire a single grenade instead of firing as normal. The added weight and cumbersome nature means that most users rarely bother to reload the launcher once it is expended. An auxiliary grenade launcher adds 2.5 kg to the weight of its fitted weapon. A character using a weapon with an auxiliary grenade launcher can choose to either fire the launcher or the weapon it is attached to in their Turn but not both at once.
Basic; 45m; S/–/–; Damage As Grenade; Pen As Grenade; Clip 1; Reload Full
Upgrades: Any Basic Las, Solid Projectile, or Bolt weapon.
Weight: 2.5 kg
Availability: Rare

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