Backpack Ammo Pack

Many weapons require larger ammunition sources to function during large battles or when the wearer is away from an extended supply line. A backpack power pack is worn like a normal backpack. For energy weapons, it is a portable source of power in the form of a massive battery or charge-unit. For flame weapons, it is composed of tanks of volatile promethium.
Other ammunition packs are simply stacks of regular stubber or bolt rounds with a feeder line that links into the weapon itself. These items hold 80 rounds of ammunition for Plasma, Melta, and Las weapons, 200 rounds of ammunition for Solid Projectile or Bolt weapons, and 60 shots for Flame weapons. A weapon connected to a backpack power pack uses the power pack for its ammunition and ignores its normal clip size. Backpack ammo packs or power packs weigh 25 kg.
Used With: Any ranged weapon.
Weight: 25 kg
Availability: Rare

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