Baleful Eye (Cybernetic)

A baleful eye is a legendary archaeotech bionic eye pattern that incorporates a tiny las weapon, which sacrifices some of the normal abilities of a cybernetic vision implant in order for this device to be included. Each baleful eye has been passed from recipient to recipient across centuries or millennia, reclaimed by the Machine Cult whenever its owner dies. As might be imagined, it is very intimidating when used as a part of negotiations with primitive societies. A character with this implant has a weapon equal to a hot-shot pistol in his eye with a Range of 10m. The baleful eye can be fired even if the character’s hands are full and can be used as a Pistol in melee. It also has no Clip Size, however a Jam result causes the character to lose sight in the eye for a number of Rounds equal to the Degrees of Failure on the attack.

Availability: Near Unique

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