Blood Bowl Video Game

Scheduled Events


(Open All Month); East Coast Old Salts League; The Scrum - May 2017

Type: Ladder
Admission: Free, 5 Cyans
Can enter and withdraw any team at any time to play for experience and gold. No restrictions, anything goes. This ladder repeats every month, with the standing leader at the end of the month being declared the winner.

May 11th - 21st; Noob Runswick League; Get Your Raincoats Gits

Type: Round Robin
Admission: Free
Each player can enter one team. This is an unranked league game, and as such will not be televised, and is intended for teams to develop themselves further before the Noobly Silver Cup.

May 21st - June 4th; Noob Runswick League; Noobly Silver Cup - May 17

Type: Knock-out
Admission: Free
The prestigious Noobly Silver Cup is held monthly, in the last week of every month. It is a quick knock-out tourney and determines who is truly the best noob of the month. May rookie players who earn an award in the Noobly Silver Cup hold that as a proud mark of honour going forward into the rest of their careers.

May 21st - 31st; East Coast Old Salts League; A-S Silver Cup - May 2017

Type: Round Robin
Admission: Validation by Admins, 20 Cyans
Reward: 40 Cyans (1st), 25 Cyans (2nd)
Each player can put in one team, which is locked in until the month is over, or the games are completed. This competition will run each month at the end of the month and will qualify winners for the All-Stars Gold Cup Knock-Out competition at a later date.

The Noob Runswick League

An entry league for new teams on the East Coast. A team may stay in the Noob Runswick League as long as they wish, but once they leave they can't come back.


Player Coach Name Team Name Race Team Value Record
Doug Tukadian G-town Gruntz Orc 1170 1W/0L/0D
Nick NickFoxtrot White Wulfen Norse 1130 1W/0L/0D
Brandon Ebondragon Blood Gods Own Chaos 1120 0W/2L/0D
Mark Striker227 Lyonessi Lions Brettonian 1180 1W/1W/0D
Chris Sorbio Frickton Draguns High Elf 1000 0W/0L/0D
Travis TravisJM Sick Parade Nurgle 1030 0W/0L/0D

Competition History

Noob Runswick League - NB is Sinking Invitational Ladder

Tournament Type: Ladder
Dates: May 6th 2017 - May 9th 2017

Game 1 - Lyonessi Lions Vs White Wulfen

Game 2 - G-town Grunts Vs Blood Gods Own

Game 3 - Blood Gods Own Vs Lyonessi Lions

Game 4 - White Wulfen Vs G-town Gruntz
Results: White Wulfen 1 - G-town Gruntz 0
Hindered by the loss of their troll Klump in the first round, who was barely saved from death by the team apothecary, the G-town Gruntz endured a lengthy grind of broken bodies inflicted by the Norse White Wulfen team. Their star player Chompers fumbled on the first push towards the Norse endzone in the 4th turn, leading to a long run up the field by Runner Siguror Boritson for their first touchdown. After that touchdown Badruk took a shot which knocked his head loose permanently and put his broken head on the chopping block; and Chompers was pushed out into the crowd where he was mobbed by his adoring fans. The orks never quite recovered from that demoralizing event in the second half and couldn't turn it around in order to get themselves a TD and tie it up. The constant pressure of the aggressive furred vikings and their own mounting injury count was just too much for the greenskins to handle without either Klump or Chompers to bring them to victory and the White Wulfen took away a hard-fought win. Their coach was seen afterwards passing out treaties to all of his players in celebration and cheering their team mantra "Who's a good boy? Yes you are!"

Game 5 - Blood Gods Own Vs Sick Parade

Game 6 - G-town Grunts Vs Lyonessi Lions
Results: Grunts 2 - Lions 2

Game 7 - Lyonessi Lions Vs Blood Gods Own

WINNER: Nick with the White Wulfen
# Race Team Coach TV W D L
1 Norse White Wulfen NickFoxtrot 1130 2 0 0
2 Bretonnian Lyonessi Lions Striker227 1180 1 2 1
3 Orc G-Town Gruntz Tukadian 1170 1 1 0
4 Chaos Blood Gods Own Ebondragon 1120 1 1 2
5 Nurgle Sick Parade TravisJM 1030 0 0 1


  • Most Experienced: 'Pretty Boy' Floyd - Lions (28)
  • Most Violent: 'Pretty Boy' Floyd - Lions, Sculf the Howler - Wulfen (3)
  • Best Receiver: Chompers - Gruntz (3)
  • Best Interceptor: 'Jowels' McGee - Lions (1)
  • Biggest Brute: Spragors - BGO (3)
  • Best Thrower: 'The Leg' O'Hoolihan - Lions (46)
  • Best Rusher: 'The Leg' O'Hoolihan - Lions (210)
  • Best Passer: 'The Leg' O'Hoolihan - Lions (3)
  • Best Scorer: Chompers - Gruntz (4)
  • Best Punching Bag: Blind Greg - Lions (3)
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