Bolt Weapons

If there is one weapon type that defines the Imperium, it is the bolter. No other weapon combines high technology levels with deliberate brutality, and no other race would consider making it but Mankind. Bolter weapons fire rounds of self-propelled massreactive shells called bolts, set to explode just after penetration. Overall they are superb, if temperamental, devices requiring skilled maintenance using the correct rituals and blessings. Furthermore, these are all very rare weapons, available only to the lucky or well-connected few. Many are centuries old, handed down from veteran to successor, and some have long legends attached to them of their lineage. The Adeptus Astartes also make extensive use of bolt weapons, albeit of different patterns and often of great antiquity.
Bolter ammunition is expensive and difficult to manufacture and only the elite of the Imperium have ready access to it. The standard bolter round is .75 calibre and has a super-dense metallic core with a diamantine tip. To use the various classes of bolt weapons, a character must have the Weapon Training (Bolt) Talent.

Bolt Weapons
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 1d10+5 X 4 8 Full Tearing 3.5kg Very Rare
Boltgun Basic 100m S/3/– 1d10+5 X 4 24 Full Tearing 7kg Very Rare
Storm Bolter Basic 90m S/2/4 1d10+5 X 4 60 Full Storm, Tearing 9kg Extremely Rare
Heavy Bolter Heavy 150m –/–/6 1d10+8 X 5 60 Full Tearing 40kg Very Rare
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