Calixis Reclamation Crusaders

The Forces of the Imperium in the Calixis sector embarking on their crusade to take back the sector from rampaging Orks and treacherous Severan Dominate rebels.

Special Characters


Seraphim Commander: Gabriel Drakken

Imperial Navy

Light Cruisers

Seraphim - Advance strike cruiser.

Regiments Involved

  • Ganf Magna Grim Grenadiers
  • Armageddon Steel Legion
  • Death Korps of Krieg
  • Elysian Drop Troops
  • Tallarn Desert Raiders
  • Catachan Jungle Fighters
  • Valhallan Ice Warriors
  • Mordian Iron Guard
  • Militarum Tempestus (Scions, Commissars, Taurox Support)
  • Imperial Knights (Freeblades associated with the regiments; DKoK, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Valhallan Ice Warriors)

Army Lists

Ganf Magna Assault Team - The assault team that landed at Gulch carrying the Only War players; dropped by the Seraphim Light Cruiser. Troop heavy, light vehicles only.
Ganf Magna Test Squad - Including Basilisk and Rough Riders.

Army Organization

As the army currently stands, described in our Only War Games.

"Dog Company"

"D Company" referred to derisively as Dog Company by the more veteran soldiers on the ground who dislike having to train up the "new whelps" for combat alongside them. D Company is made up largely of new recruits from the Ganf Manga Grim Grenadiers regiment, trained on the surface from the PDF and civilian populace that was press-ganged into service. Though largely locals, they also have several supporting troops from other regiments attached to bring versatility and experience to the company.

  • Coy OC - Major Quentin - Elysian Drop Troops - Their Company Commanding Officer, Major Quentin, is an Elysian, personally hand-picked by Drakken after his disappointment with other regiment's officer's capabilities, particularly the Savendarians. Quentin is no-nonsense, straight-forward, pragmatic leader, but what he lacks in tactical imagination he makes up for in sheer tenacity; a quality that he does his best to instill in his troops with the brutal training regimen he had his Commissar put the troops through.
  • Coy 2ic/Commissar -
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