Calixis Sector Timeline

Record of Combat Actions

A table of combat actions undertaken by player characters within the Calixis system.
Date World Group/System Conflict Summary Story
? Ganf Magna Wyvern Squad / Only War Imperial Guard V. Orks Imperial Guard sent to establish a forward operating planet for the oncoming Imperial Crusade Game 1
? Ganf Magna Cerberus Squad / Only War Imperial Guard + Salamanders V. Orks, Severan Dominate, World Eaters Imperial Guard attempts to push across planet, suffers an infiltration by Rebel Guard, Space Hulk crashed with chaos tainted space marines aboard and was destroyed Game 2-1
? Manus Cenita Cerberus Squad / Only War Imperial Guard V. Severan Dominate A Stalingrad style city block by city block war being fought through hive cities and manufactories to reclaim the planet from it's Dominate inspired rebels. Game 2-2
? ? Rogue Trader Group / Rogue Trader ? ? Game 3-1
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