Cerberus Squad on Ganf Magna

Game 2-1 - Vehicular OrkSlaughter

Reward: 400xp for those involved
Players: Bartlett, Alexi, Number 3 (Doyle)

Game 2-2 - Night of the Clipped Eagle

Reward: 500xp for those involved from start, 200 for 3 newcomers
Players: Bartlett, Alexi, Number 3 (Doyle); Geni, Brandon, Matt

Game 2-3 - Which way is North Again?

The party crosses no-man's land trying to get to a safe zone to recuperate, gets lost several times. Destroys an Ork Walker OP and a Deff Kopta patrol it bumped into in the process.
Reward: 500xp
Players: Bartlet, Doyle, Geni, Brandon, Matt

Game 2-4 - Pod Racing is the Worst

Group comes up with a plan to deal with Freebootaz to hire mercs, but first they need loot to trade. Airdrop of a few essential supplies goes slightly badly, and while repairing the Valkyrie an Ork Speed Freak race comes dangerously close to their recovery effort, swiftly disappearing under a hail of weapons fire.
Reward: 500xp + 50 XP to everyone for great roleplaying and a fun game
Players: Bartlet, Doyle, Geni, Brandon, Matt

Game 2-5 - No Casualties

Cerberus Squad gets a Wyvern Squad crossover as Konrad from the 141st Savendarians paradrops in to assist them. The augmented group assaults the Big Mek shop, with spectacular success. A couple players are injured but but not critically, and no actual casualties are reported. The ork camp however is completely destroyed, right down to the tire fire.
Best Line: "HQ this is Cerberus Squad, Big Mek HQ North has been eliminated, all enemy commanders killed, infrastructure levelled, imperial assets recovered, troops dead or scattered; no casualties."
Fave Kill: Melta Charge on Deff Dread's cockpit point blank; also, tire fire.
Reward: 550xp
Players: Bartlet, Doyle, Geni, Brandon, Matt, Berthelot

Game 2-6 - Vehicle is Down, Vehicle is Down

Cerberus Squad pulls pole and moves camp after returning to their camp to find it's been assaulted by Orks in their absence. The Multi-melta is out of ammo from untrained scattering fire, and a dozen of the soldiers were killed. So they scout out a new location, getting in a brief skirmish on the road with an Ork biker group where the psyker tests out his new machinery disabling power. They then move behind enemy lines and begin scouting, finding a new hideout and the tracks for the mobile Freebootas Headquarters, the land-frigate they called The Landwhale. Captain (Eugene) Drake Grazdakka, the Freeboota Warboss running the Goldenskulls Clan, meets the party for a Parlay and they hammer out an agreement. He pledges the support of 7 squads of Boyz, each led by a Nob and mounted in Trukks, and then gives them a highly explosive smoke bomb barrel to use as a signal.
Once the Ork support has been attained they start going through the battlefield intelligence and developing a plan of attack. They decide to try and take out one of the Taurox-mounted Stormtrooper clearance patrols to weaken the line for their major attack. The squad's Ogryn enforcer then helps scout out some well-worn Taurox tracks and get in position to ambush it, using a pressure plate ied to temporarily immobilize the vehicle and force the squad to dismount. The Taurox rumbles into position and sets off the device as planned, and then as the Severan Dominate Stormtroopers dismount the Psyker starts working on unleashing a machinery disabling haywire field to disable the vehicle weapons. It takes several tries but then just as a clearance patrol starts cresting the hill where Bartlet, Heavy, and Brandon are hiding the haywire field activates in full force and disables the entire vehicle and the weapons of the guards standing nearby, signalled by a blowtorch sputtering out and the vehicle's turret dropping.
Cerberus Squad roars to life with a whispered "Vehicle is Down, Vehicle is Down" from Doyle over the microbead. Berthelot shoots a frag missile into three of the guards on his side, then quickly reloads a krak missile. Tech-priest activates his Sentinel and shoots a krak hunter-killer missile into the guard armed with a volley gun on the west side of the vehicle and then Berthelot's krak missile vaporizes one of the two in the clearance patrol. The final clearance patrol member whips around to see what has happened and takes a semi-auto burst to the back from Brandon. Orox charges in with his new power klaw glove and rips the head off the closest stunned guard, slamming it onto his bosspole with a grunt. Heavy charges across the field, lining up the two remaining stormtroopers in his Heavy Flamer's sights, and Brandon intimidates the vehicle crew into dismounting and surrounding, threatening to burn them out otherwise.
They strip the prisoners and interrogate them as they consolidate the resources. The tech-priest gets the vehicle rolling again with minor effort and they get themselves 4 hot-shot lasguns, 2 hot-shot volley guns, a good quality plasma pistol and good quality plasma sword, and 5 sets of Stormtrooper Carapace Armor (6 All) in the Severan Dominate pattern. Most importantly they recover comms gear with Enemy channels and Cryptography and get the Sergeant to call in that they experienced a minor incident and were going to self-recover.
Fave Kill Krak Missile to the face (Berthelot)
Reward: 400xp + 100xp to Brandon and Doyle
Players: Bartlet, Doyle, Geni, Brandon, Matt, Berthelot

Game 2-7 - Assaulting the Space Hulk

The party manages to co-ordinate a three pronged assault on the Space Hulk crash site; the Ork Freebooter mercenaries signalled to attack from the west as a diversion for artillery fire, the Imperial Guard under Drakken's Command attacking from the south in a direct frontal attack on the gate, and their own squad airdropping in to the northeast onto the Space Hulk and scaling down stealthily to get in place and start destroying the heavy equipment behind enemy lines. The tech-priest and Stormtrooper rappel onto an elevated lookout post and quickly kill the two sentries in place. The two Heavy Weapons specialists then set up in their place, readying their autocannon and missile launcher to fire down into the camp as soon as the attack begins. The rest of the unit then makes their way to the ground and starts setting charges on the artillery pieces as quickly as they can before being noticed.
Reward: 400xp
Players: Bartlet, Doyle, Geni, Brandon, Matt, Berthelot

Game 2-8 - Finales for the Finale God


Moving on to the Hive planet of Manus Cenita after the regiments consolidate and redistribute assets. A portion of the original Calixus Reclamation Crusade speartip that was under Gabriel Drakken's command is being sent to respond to a request for reinforcements on Hervara; namely the Death Korps assets that were attached.

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