Only War Campaign

The campaign will begin with the players en route from Sepheris Secundus (Lexicanum Entry), where the great Periphery Crusade has begun marshalling. They are the tip of the spear, securing the warp route that starts at Scintilla and then goes from Sepheris Secundus to Ganf Magna in order to establish a foothold in the Periphery. Once Ganf Magna has been secured they will signal for the rest of the imperial forces to begin warping in.
The Player Characters are drawn from an array of different regiments chosen from the books or made using the custom regiment rules.


The Seraphim - The ship which the players call home; a Dauntless class Light Cruiser populated by mainly Elysian Drop Troops with dribs and drabs of other regiments mixed in.
Gulch Canyon Airstrip - The main base that the Seraphim's Drop Troopers operate out of on Ganf Magna.

Important NPCs

Captain Avidius Cassius - The Imperial Navy Captain of the Seraphim.
Commander Gabriel Drakken - Nicknamed the Dragon early in his military career, Gabriel decided to go with the joke and focused on the regular use of flame weaponry in his tactics. He has been given command of this point mission due to his previous experience with Orks and the glee with which he orders their extermination and cleansing with fire.
Warrant Officer duVallee - The Company Quartermaster on the Seraphim. Is a Valhallan by birth and so he is incredibly stingy with supplies, always "saving them for an emergency".
Major Romulus Augustus - A former commissar, centrally trained, he was given command of this backwater post when his platoon routed on him in the face of a relatively minor group of Tyranids; he was forced to flee as well, and did so while shooting his own men in the back to slow down the advancing horde with their temptingly delicious corpses. He is found cowering back by the barracks with a gunshot wound in the leg while his company command squad attempts to cover him.
Hana Patrina - A female Imperial Navy pilot, pilots the Valkyrie that the party is riding in. She's very friendly and casual with them, quickly building a rapport; a talented pilot, she manages to bring in the wounded bird with a relatively soft crash landing.

Regiments of Note

Ganf Magna Grim Grenadiers - A local imperial guard regiment, armed with clunky highpowered lasguns, dark black light carapace armor and mono-Great-Picks befitting their mining town heritage. Officers will usually have cowboy hats instead of helmets. Currently only has about 5 battalions in the regiment left alive; the 28th, 54th, 57th, 63rd, and the 65th. All of those remember their days as Goldenpick Grenadiers, but after the Ork invasion they will be redesignated the 1st to 5th Grim Grenadiers and new recruits will have their black armor.
808th Armageddon Steel Legion - Were the original ones to beat back the feral orks on Ganf Magna, in transit to their next fight now after a brutal engagement on Sisk. The 818th Steel Legion has been called to assist in reclaiming what was recently lost on GM.

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