Choppa is a term applied to a multitude of basic Ork close-combat weapons. This category of weapon consists of a bewildering variety of bladed, spiked, serrated, jagged, barbed, and notched hand weapons, ranging from the proverbial blunt instrument to whirring two-handed, Ork-tooth Chainaxes known as Big Choppas.

Choppas are a general term given to any Ork close combat weapon, typically heavy swords and axes. Slugga Boyz are always armed with a Slugga and Choppa, at least until they save up enough teef to buy something better, like a Shoota. There is little finesse to a Choppa, as most are little more than sharpened pieces of scrap metal which have been roughly shaped into something resembling a sword or axe. There are, however, more advanced choppas, often taking the form of a crude Chainsword.

Choppa Melee 1d10+1 R Pen 2 Tearing, Unbalanced
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