Comrade Orders
Order Costs
Matching Aptitudes Basic Veteran
Two 300 400
One 450 600
Zero 900 1,200

Sweeping Orders
Sweeping Orders are usually the purview of the Sergeant Speciality, but other Player Characters can sometimes get access to Sweeping Orders by various means, such as the Orders included in this section and the Commander Advanced Speciality (see page 62). Sweeping Orders affect all Comrades (both the character’s and those of other Player Characters) within communication range of the character giving the Order. Player Characters can only issue a single Sweeping Order per Turn.

Order Type Prerequisites Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Benefit Source
Breaching Drill Veteran Order (Half Action) Veteran Comrade Agility Offence Help Player Character clear a new area. HotE
Bring It Down! Veteran Order (Full Action) Deadeye Shot, Veteran Comrade Perception Finesse Enhance Player Character’s attack against large targets.
Draw Away Basic Order (Half Action) Air of Authority Fellowship Leadership Lure the enemy away from the Player Character.
Distracting Strike Basic Order (Half Action) Double Team Offence Weapon Skill Make a Feint Action for the Player Character in melee.
Eyes Up Sweeping Order (Free Action) Combat Sense Fieldcraft Perception Warn squad mates of an imminent ambush.
Fight Through the Pain! Veteran Order (Half Action) Veteran Comrade Fellowship Social Regain the ability to Run while Wounded.
Five Rounds Rapid Basic Order (Full Action) Command +10, Lasgun Volley Ballistic Skill Leadership Focus fire to overwhelm and suppress an enemy.
Forward to Glory! Basic Order (Free Action) Radiant Presence Fellowship Offence Improve the Player Character’s Charge.
Intervention Veteran Order (Free Action) Veteran Comrade Defence Weapon Skill Intercede to allow the Player Character to re-roll a failed Evasion Test.
Patch Me Up Veteran Order (Half Action) Veteran Comrade General Knowledge Cure the Player Character of the Blood Loss Condition.
Play Dead Basic Order (Full Action) Deceive General Social Pretend to be dead to avoid enemy attention.
Stand Watch Basic Order (Full Action) Vigilant Defence Perception Guard a chosen angle of approach for the Player Character.
Tactical Repositioning Sweeping Order (Free Action) Combat Formation Intelligence Leadership Allow squad mates to make a Disengage Action immediately.
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