Corrosive (Weapon Quality)

Some weapons utilize highly caustic acids which cause damage to both the wearer and their equipment. If a target is hit by an attack from a Corrosive weapon, the Armour Points of any armour worn by the target in that location are reduced by 1d10 points. If the Armour Points of the armour are reduced below 0 or the target is not wearing any armour in that location, the excess amount of Armour Point Damage (the whole amount if the target is wearing no armour in that location) is dealt to the target. This excess Damage is not reduced by Toughness. A target’s armour can be reduced multiple times by the effects of a Corrosive weapon. The Armour Point Damage is cumulative. A suit of armour can be repaired with a successful Challenging (+0) Tech-Use Test. A Player Character who possesses the Armour Monger Talent can repair the armour while making use of that Talent.

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