Cybernetic Senses (Cybernetic)

Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste can be duplicated artificially, and more esoteric senses may be added.
Common systems, while usually very obviously artificial and often oversized, manage to more or less duplicate the approximate human range of senses adequately and have no further game effects.
Poor cybernetic senses are problem-ridden imitations of the real thing (hearing may be troubled by static, vision rendered in low-resolution monochrome, and so on). A character with this system suffers a –20 penalty to Tests made involving the cybernetic sense.
Good cybernetic senses grant the Heightened Senses Talent for that particular sense and a +20 bonus to Tests made to resist attacks on the sense itself, such as deafening noises and blinding flashes. Basic and advanced cybernetic eyes can also incorporate magnifying lenses, a full photo-visor, and/or a system granting the Dark-Sight Trait (see page 155). Basic or advanced cybernetic hearing can also include an internal micro-bead system.

Availability: Rare

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