Death Rhinoz

The Death Rhinoz are a clan of Feral Orks which popped up on the planet of Sisk to fight against the Dark Angels which were patrolling for Mutants there. They seized a Rhino transport, painted it blue and proclaimed it their mobile trophy. Their leader, Morgul Zogthrakka, rides atop the Looted Wagon, which displays the looted tropies of their conquests proudly upon it's battered hull.
The Death Rhinoz are Lootas to the letter, grabbing whatever their enemies drop and adding it to their arsenal. They believe in mounted combat and speed above all else, strapping themselves into their ramshackle vehicles and hurtling their choppa-armed squads of boyz at top speed into the ranks of their enemies. Dark Angel scribes have described their combat sensibilities as being a mix of the well-known Evil Sunz and Goff clans with a clan mentality akin to the Deathskulls, and they shudder to think what would happen should the Feral clan join their formidable forces with the Waaagh tearing through the Calixis Sector.
Current Status
The Death Rhinoz currently occupy Sisk, having driven the Dark Angels off the surface with heavy losses to their forces (Games 1-5). Morgul had desired a complete annihilation but a few last Space Marines managed to get to their landing craft before their revved up engines could reach them. The Ork Clan is now sieging several human settlements on Sisk in order to get access to materials to get some Orks launched into Space and chase after the Humies dat got away.

Army Lists

Zooma Skullz

Vehicle Heavy Army, close combat focused. The trukks get in close, dismount and chop shit up. Shoota battlewagon holds central objective.
The unassigned Battlewagon is for the 20 Shoota boys, they need to mount up at the beginning of the movement phase as it can't be a dedicated transport.

Roster Rule Summary

Mob Rule:
Furious Charge:
Cybork Body:

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