Demolisher Cannon

A variant of the battle cannon, the demolisher cannon is specifically designed as a siege support weapon. While it suffers a decreased range, its plasma charged shells are capable of blasting through layers of plasteel and ceramite with each devastating volley. Its massive shells wrap an outer layer of explosives and shrapnel around an unstable chemical core. When the outer explosives detonate, weakening their target, they also trigger the chemical reagents to unleash a potent jet of plasma that is channelled directly into its victims. The combination of shrapnel and flaming metal can eliminate even the most robust defences.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Demolisher Cannon Vehicle 50m S/–/– 4d10+20 X 10 2 Full Blast (10), Concussive (3) 400kg Rare
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