Displacer Field

Displacer fields are very powerful but also more risky than other fields. Instead of absorbing or shunting away the energy of an attack, they instead shift the wearer away from the attack using miniature Warp-jump technologies. This action is usually automatically triggered by the attack through unfathomable sensors, though a user can manually activate the device if desired. This flickering into and then back from the dangers of the Empyrean is often as hazardous as the actual attack, however.
Roll 3d10 for the number of metres travelled—the wearer always emerges on solid footing and in a suitable empty space. If all three dice come up with the same number (e.g. three sevens), then the user does not re-emerge for 1d5 Rounds and gains 1 Corruption Point from exposure to strange energies. If the activation is unexpected, then the wearer cannot act for one Round while he regains his sense of place.

Name Protection Rating Weight kg Availability
Displacer Field 55 2 Near Unique
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