Don't You Die On Me! (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Master Chirurgeon, Methodical Care
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge
The character is an accomplished medic, refusing to accept the loss of a comrade-in-arms even against his better judgment or the pessimistic words of his squad mates.
Whenever an ally dies from Blood Loss or due to a failed Characteristic Test, this character has a chance to bring the fallen comrade back from the brink for a number of Rounds equal to his Intelligence Bonus. During this time, if he is close enough to treat his “dead” ally, this character may spend a Fate Point make a Very Hard (–30) Medicae Test in an attempt to revive him. This Test requires a Full Action, and he must spend a Fate Point each time he wishes to attempt it. If he succeeds on one of these Tests within a number of Rounds equal to his Intelligence Bonus, he manages to bring the fallen ally back from the edge. Resuscitating a character in this way does not reverse any other consequences of the injury that “killed” the character, such as lost limbs or Characteristic Damage.

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