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Unpainted Models I Own
Orks that I Own - Current as of January 5th, 2017
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Imperial Guard Wargear List

doug-tabletop-game-history-tabletop-history - Chronological Recounting of our personal games.


Army Lists
Angelos Crusade - The Army upon which my story Savanderian Redemption is based.
Ork Units of Distinction
Storm Bears Chapter

Calixis Reclamation Crusaders - The Forces of the Imperium in the Calixis sector embarking on their crusade to take back the sector from rampaging Orks and treacherous Severan Dominate rebels. (Only War Game)
Owned Models - All finished models ready for play.
Paint Schemes - Paint Schemes used in my models.

Terrain-list - Terrain I have made/proxied, for deciding games.
wyvern-squad-dataslate - Test dataslate used to represent Wyvern Squad


Battlefield Testing Day - A combined arms test run of the Savendarians and Grim Grenadiers against the intimidating Salamanders.

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Links of Interest (DM)

Space Phenomena
Lost Civilizations
Adventure Sites Good for temples and battlegrounds.
Evil Sounding Names Good for Planet names.
Greek Namer Good for Imperial Planet names.

Fantasy Unit Generation Good for good Regiment names.
Dark Minions Good for evil regiment names. (Jackal Scions, Pain Hyenas)
Mecha team generator Good for mechanized regiments, sentinel squadrons or Tau.

Goblin Namer Good for naming Ork NPCs.
Whacky Gadgets Like what Ork mekboyz might whip up.
Dark Elf / Dark Eldar Namer
Monster Namer Good for Feral Planet wildlife (Fiend Bee, Shade Mare)
Evil Name Generator Good for Titles or champions (Rotgut, Fleshtearer, Magicdrool, Tombspawn the Cadaverous)
Fantasy Name Generator Over the top fantasy names (Belladonna Squal, Maverick Warlockhowl, Flame Godsoul)
Weapon Namer For those psychos who name their chain-axes. (Voidwing, Doomchopper)
Dark Rituals Come in handy for chaos demon plots.

Writing Challenge
What-if Generator (What if Cold War had psychics? Ptolemy had access to Alchemy?

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