Army Lists

Steel Legion Armies - My Work in Progress, an Armageddon Steel Legion inspired Imperial Guard army with multiple configurations.

Death Rhinoz - An off-shoot of the Death Skulls clan of Orks; my Ork army. Needs lots of touch-ups and customizing, but it's functional, especially as an opposing force.

Imperial Guard List for Game 9

7ed Test Game Ork Forces - Big Mek/Psyker mounted detachments
John Tobin Joint Game - Many Big Meks
Gamezilla Game 1 - 1000 Point Imp Guard army
Ganf Magna Assault Team - The assault team that landed at Gulch carrying the Only War players; dropped by the Seraphim Light Cruiser. Troop heavy, light vehicles only.
Ganf Magna Test Squad - Including Basilisk and Rough Riders.

30K JRs Tourney Orks
30K JRs Tourney Orks Sept 2017

Models That Bella Owns
First Game of Escalation 2017

Dark Angels 3rd Company Brigade

Death Guard 30K Zone Mortalis Tourney List

8th Edition
List Name Army Point Limit Description
Rise of the Rangers Orks 500 Pts Zorkdon the mek boy with a KFF and flanking kannons, along with 2 squads of Ranger Kans armed with Rokkits and Plasma
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