Orks That I Own

Units of Orkly Distinction - Greenskin units within this unruly mob that have proved themselves da orkiest of da bunch.

Da Leftovahs Lunchpail Skwad - 1850 Pts
Da Leftovahs Lunchpail Skwad with Tums 1849 Pts
Da Leftovahs Heavy Lunch - 1850 Pts

Model Current as of January 2, 2017
Ghazghkull Thraka 1 (Painted)
Warboss with Power Klaw and Shoota 1 (Painted), 1 (Unpainted)
Warboss with Big Choppa and Shoota 2 (Painted)
Warboss w/ Mega Armour (Cybork) 1 (Painted)
Big mek with Shokk Attack Gun 1 (Painted)
Kaptin Badrukk 1 (Painted)
Boss Zagstruk 1 (Unpainted)
Weirdboy 1 (Painted)
Nob with Choppa and Slugga 13 (Poorly Painted)
Nob with Power Klaw and Slugga 6 (Painted)
Nob with Power Klaw and Kombi Rokkit 1 (Painted)
Nob with TL Shoota 1 (Painted)
Burna Boyz 2 (Painted), 3 (Unpainted)
Meganobz (Power Klaw, TL Shoota) 3 (Painted)
Meganobz (Power Klaw, Kombi Scorcha) 2 (Painted)
Tankbustas 1 (Painted)
Tankbusta with Tank Hammer 1 (Painted)
Fast Attack
Warbuggy (TL Big Shoota) 2 (Painted), 1 (Unpainted), 1 (Old Model Unpainted)
Wartrakk (TL Big Shoota) 3 (Unpainted)
Warbike 9 (Unpainted), 1 (Unassembled)
Deffkopta (TL Big Shoota) 1 (Painted)
Deffkopta (TL Rokkit Launcha) 1 (Painted)
Ork Boyz with Shootas 24 (Painted)
Ork Boyz with Slugga and Choppa 32 (Painted), 11 (Unpainted)
Ork Boyz with Big Shootas 6 (Painted)
Ork Boyz with Rokkit Launchers 3 (Painted)
Gretchin 23 (Painted)
* Runtherd with Grabba Stik 1 (Painted)
Heavy Support
Looted Wagon (Killkannon, Grot Riggers) 1 (Painted)
Looted Wagon (Unbuilt) 1 (Unpainted)
Deff Dread (Saw, Big Shoota, Skorcha) 1 (Painted) (Missing a Claw)
Killa Kan (Rokkit) 3 (Painted)
Killa Kan (Grotzooka + Klaw) 1 (Unpainted), 1(Painted w/ no Klaw)
Killa Kan (Big Shoota) 2 (Painted)
Missing 2 claws for Kans
Mek Gunz – Zapp Gun 3 (Painted), 1 (Unpainted)
Mek Gunz – Lobba 1 (Unpainted)
Mek Gunz – Kannon 4 (Painted)
Ammo Grot/Big Gunz Gunner 10 (Painted)
Trukk 1 (Painted)
Ammo Grot/Big Gunz Gunner 10 (Painted)
Mek 1 (Painted)
Squigs 2 (Painted) (Peaches and Cream)
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