Owned Models

Imperial Guard

Name Loadout Amt Paintjob
Platoon Commander (Steel Legion Model) Bolt Pistol and Power Sword x1 Armageddon Steel Legion
Guardsman Las Rifle x? 2x? Severan Dominate
Guardsman (Steel Legion Model) Las Rifle x1 Armageddon Steel Legion
Guardsman Grenade Launcher x1 Grim Grenadier
Heavy Weapons Teams
Autocannon Team Autocannon and Loader x1 Grim Grenadier (Missing it's two firers)
Rocket Launcher Team Rocket Launcher and Loader x1 Armageddon Steel Legion (Loader unpainted)

Orks (My Paint Job)

Name Amt Paintjob Loadout
Lootas x1 Goldenskulls Deffgun

Orks (Pre-owned)

All these are painted and ready to play; Bought Pre-owned and painted

Name Amt Loadout/Paintjob
Ghazgull Thraka x2 1 Black, 1 Blue
Big Mek x2 1 with Shokk Attack Gun, 1 with Big Wrench
Warboss x2 Armed with Big Choppa (1 Evil Sunz, 1 Deathskulls)
Weirdboy x1 Deathskulls
Meganobz x5 x5 Deathskulls (4 Big Shoota, 1 Skorcha)
Burna Boyz x2 x1 Deathskulls; x1 Evil Sunz
Nobz x12 x8 Evil Sunz (7 Big Choppa, 1 Power Klaw), x4 Deathskulls with (3x Big Choppa (One has Bosspole) 1x Big Shoota)
Mek Boy x1 1 normal Mek-Boy (Deathskulls)
Ork Boyz (Slugga/Choppa) x33 x17 Deathskulls, x16 Evil Sunz
Ork Boyz (Shoota) x22 x15 Deathskulls, x7 Evil Sunz
Ork Boyz (Big Shoota) x8 x4 Deathskulls, x4 Evil Sunz
Ork Boyz (Rokkit Launcha) x4 x3 Deathskulls, x1 Evil Sunz
Ork Boyz (Stikkbommz) x1 x1 Evil Sunz
Fast Attack
Ork Warbuggy x2 x2 Big Shoota
Deffkopta x2 x2 Rokkit Launcha
Heavy Support
Killa Kans x4 x3 Old Style Deffskulls with Rokkit Launcha + Dreadnought CCW; x1 Goff Dreadnought CCW and Skorcha
Deff Dread x1 x1 Big Shoota and Skorcha
Looted Wagon x1 x1 Converted Rhino, with Boomgun, 'ard Case, Armour Plates and Grot Riggers (Deathskulls)
Big Gunz (Kannon) x4 4 Painted in varying paint schemese
Big Gunz (Lobba) x1 1 Unpainted and Primed
Big Gunz (Zzap Gun) x1 1 Unpainted and Primed
Attack Squigs x2 Orange pumpkin paintjob, named Peaches and Cream
Ammo Runt x5 4 Shells, 1 Lobba round
Gretchin with Weapons x22 x20 with Guns, x2 with Bow
Grot Gun Crew x8 x5 Pointing or ducking, x3 with Spyglass

Orks (All Combined)

All these are painted and ready to play; Bought Pre-owned and painted

Misc Models

Army Model Amt Loadout Colour
Space Marines Tactical Trooper x1 Bolter Blood red and Brass
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