Painted Imperial Guard Models
Model Category Model Type Regimental Paint Scheme
Platoon Commander Steel Legion Platoon Commander Armageddon Steel Legion x1
Model Category Model Type Regimental Paint Scheme
Guardsman Cadian Shock Troop Grim Grenadier x1, Steel Legion x2
Heavy Support
Leman Russ Punisher Leman Russ Demolisher Armageddon Steel Legion x1

In-depth Color Schemes

Eventually set this up so it just reads the images from my DA account and put paint details on there. Just use it as an inventory of finished models.

Lance Corporal Jake Burnatelli

Paints: Vallejo Khaki (Coat highlights), British Camo (Brown Strap), Zambesi Desert (Coat), Runefang Steel for all metal, Gehenna's Gold (Handle), Hashut Copper (cables), Blood for the Blood God (Sword blood), Cadian Fleshtone + Vallejo Basic Skintone mixed together (skin tone), Vallejo Grey Wash
Used more vallejo skin tone mixed in to make the highlights on the face.

Private Roman Polaski

Paints: Black Undercoat, Vallejo Khaki for combats, English Camo for shin pads and belt, Runefang steel for Aquila and belt buckle, Drybrushed a layer of Zamesi Desert for highlights, Gun and helment was Mech Grey, Bayonet Runefang Steel, gun details copper, went over whole rifle with a thin layer of Necron Compound for a shine, dry brushed Runefang Steel to do edges of helmet and rifle. Grey wash to finish. Skin was one layer of 50/50 V Basic Skintone and Cadian Skintone.
Unit Type Guardsman, Lasrifle

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