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Chapter Tactics: White Scars

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Chapter Command

Chapter Master -
Great Khan Juabal Khan, Chapter Master of the White Scars
Honour Guard
Chapter Equerries
Serfs & Servitors


Forge Master
Battle Tanks
Land Raiders
Centurion Warsuits


Voice of the Storm


Chief Apothecary


Chief Stormseer
(Collectively known as Stormseers)

1st Company

Captain on Bike
1st Section - Bike Squad
2nd Section - Bike Squad

2nd Company

Default Structure
Command: Captain, Chaplain, Company Champion, Company Standard Bearer, Veterans
Tactical Squad x6
Assault Marines x2
Devastator Marines x 2

Storm Bear Structure

3rd Company

4th Company

5th Company

6th Company

7th Company

8th Company

9th Company

10th Company

Storm Bears Worlds

Recruiting World: Valla; a feudal world populated by medieval/Viking era clans and fiefdoms. Constant warring factions. The Storm Bears recruit neophytes from the storied champions of these wars. They maintain a small footprint on the planet, and it's rumoured that they keep the planet's factions warring on purpose, to both keep the tech level down and to hone it's warriors. Their only presence on the planet is a Great Hall on an island in the middle of a constantly turbulent sea. The Hall is void shielded and protected from orbital bombardment, but the best protection it has is that the majority of it's structure is underground, with vast training facilities, living quarters, and shrines carved out of the rock below.
When the chapter needs recruits they ride out on their Stormbirds and Airdrop in to the various faction's areas of importance, looking much like Angelic Valkyries descending to take the strongest champions off to unknown glory in the afterlife.
Homeworld: Norska, a beautiful temperate world, small villages connected by long stretches of road, wide open undeveloped land full of game. It's basically a world sized version of Norway.

Storm Bears Relics

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