Flak Kilt

Each Guardsman raised from Luggnum is equipped with a flak kilt. This uncommon armour is made of the same ballistic cloth as the more prevalent flak cloaks and flak coats, and sometimes features additional rigid plates. Typically, Luggnum regiments are raised from amongst the subjects of a single Luggnum noble when possible. It is traditional for the liege to supply his departing subjects each with a flak kilt emblazoned with a variant of the noble’s family crest. This unique emblem is adopted as a regimental marking. Mysteriously, since the Red Vaults incident, there have been no verified sightings of any of the three active regiments raised from the lands of the Grey family.

Name Locations Covered AP Weight Availability
Flak Kilt Legs 2 4 Rare

Availability for highland regiments is Average.

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