Flame Weapons

Flame weapons project fire upon their foes and generally use a fuel referred to as promethium, though it can also be a home-made concoction or other chemical brew depending on the local technology level. Most are a mono-propellant fuel that ignites via a smaller pilot flame at the tip of the barrel, though some flamers use binary hypergolic fuels. Once produced, the intense jet that spurts from the barrel creates a torrent of liquid fire, which spreads out in an inferno that burns even underwater, leaving enemies hard pressed to put out the fire. To use the various classes of flame weapons, a character must have the Weapon Training (Flame) Talent.

Flame Weapons
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Hand Flamer Pistol 10m S/–/– 1d10+4 E 2 2 2 Full Flame, Spray 3.5kg Rare
Flamer Basic 20m S/–/– 1d10+4 E 2 6 2 Full Flame, Spray 6kg Scarce
Heavy Flamer Heavy 30m S/–/– 1d10+5 E 4 10 2 Full Flame, Spray 45kg Rare
Inferno Cannon Vehicle 50m S/–/– 2d10+15 E 8 50 Flame, Spray 600 kg Rare
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