Force Weapons

Made from the rarest materials and interlaced with psychic reactive and channelling circuitry of a design said to have originated with the Emperor himself when he walked among mortal men, force weapons are capable of channelling the mental power and aggression of a psyker into deadly, reality-rending force. It is theoretically possible to create force weapons in almost any form and several unique and potent variants, such as the Nemesis weapons of the Grey Knights and the mythically destructive Daemonhammers, exist. The most common types of force weapons used by associates of the Imperial Guard are presented here: the force sword and force staff.

Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Force Sword Melee 1d10+1 R 2 Balanced, Force 5kg Near Unique
Force Staff Melee 1d10 I 2 Force 2kg Extremely Rare
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