Game 7 Army John

Warlord Trait - Death Incarnate: Warlord's melee weapons have instant death.

Bloodthirster Daemonic Reward

  • Exalted - Warp Tether (Can come back from the dead with 1 wound as reserves)
  • Greater - Daemonic Resistance (4+ Feel No Pain)
  • Lesser (From Exalted) - Burning Blood; Whenever the demon takes a wound the unit that struck it takes d3 (Str 4, AP 5) hits with no cover save.

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch Daemonic Reward
Greater - Daemonic Resistance (4+ Feel No Pain)
Lesser - Corrosive Breath, Template, S5 AP5, Assault 1, Armour Bane
Lesser - Magic Weapon - Axe of Khorne; Str User, AP2, Melee, Decapitating Blow, Specialist Weapon
Lesser - Cleaving Strike - Any to-hit rolls of 6 are double strength (Max 10)

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