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Wyvern Squad's Missions on Ganf Magna

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Cerberus Squad's Missions on Ganf Magna
Cerberus Squad Short Stories - Fiction about extended missions that members of Cerberus Squad undertook in between campaigns.

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Cereberus Squad's Missions on Manus Cenita

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Wall of Honour

Fallen Heroes and Comrades who died a "noble" death and are recorded here for posterity.
77-A "Wyvern Squad" Wall of Honour
Name Regiment Position Demeanour Cause of Death Date of Death Player
Lord Jailor Smythe Schola Pregenium Commissars Lord Jailor Commissar Callous Asshole, Terrible Shot with his pistol Ripped in Half by a Nob with a Power Klaw in an Ork ambush Day 5 of the Gulch Deployment; M41 (Game 3, March 1st 2014) NPC Attachment
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