Genevie Solar

Mcpl Genevie Solar, Sanctioned Psyker of the Catachan Jungle Fighters
Note: Genevie's Psy-focus gives a +10 to Willpower focus tests, should have a 59. //
Note: Genevie needs to roll for 1d5 corruption points.

Genevie's Character Advances:

Characteristic: Simple Willpower (+5) (100xp)
Talent: Warp Sense (200xp)
Psychic Power: Haemmorrhage (Free from class)
Psychic Power: Smite (200xp)
Psychic Power: Prescience (200xp)
Psy Rating: Rank 2 - Rank 3 (600xp)
Psy Rating: Rank 3 - Rank 4 (800xp)
Skill: Trade (Cook) (Known) (100xp)

XP History: 2200xp = 1600 (Starting) + 600 (Ganf Magna Landing)

Planned Advances: Cook +10 (200xp), Excellent Cook (Talent) (300xp)


Lightning Reflexes

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The character always expects trouble, even in the most innocuous situations, allowing them to act quickly when needed. When making an Initiative roll, the character may roll twice and add the higher of the two dice results to his Agility Bonus.

Resistance (Fear)

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Specialisations: Cold, Fear, Heat, Poisons, Psychic Powers, Other
Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence
The character’s background, experience, training, exposure or plain stubbornness has developed a resistance within him. Each time the character selects this Talent, choose one area of resistance. The character gains a +10 bonus when making Tests to resist effects of this type. The GM may wish to approve certain choices or have them justified by the character’s past.


Tier: 3
Prerequisite: None
Aptitudes: Agility, Fieldcraft
The character can move at great speeds. When taking a Full Move Action, the character can move an extra number of metres equal to their Agility Bonus. When taking the Run Action, the character may double their movement for one Round. The character gains one level of Fatigue if they use this Talent two Turns in a row.

Warp Sense

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: Psy Rating, Psyniscience, Perception 30
Aptitudes: Perception, Psyker
The character’s senses have evolved to perceive the warp in parallel with the physical world. After gaining this Talent, using the Psyniscience Skill requires a Free Action instead of a Half Action. In addition, the character can passively detect psychic effects and entities without the need to actively seek them out.
Whenever the character could detect such a Warp signature or a creature, the GM may allow him to make a Psyniscience Skill Test to detect it, in the same way he might use Awareness to spot an ambush without knowing it is there.

Psychic Powers



Value: 400xp
Prerequisites: Psy Rating 4, Smite
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Difficult (–10) Opposed Willpoower Test
Range: 10 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack, Concentration
Description: Bypassing exterior defences, the psyker reaches his mind out into the body of his adversary, using the writhing power of the Warp to set a fire deep within his victim’s flesh. Boiling blood begins bursting from every pore as the target’s body tears itself apart from the inside.
The psyker nominates a single target in range and line of sight who opposes this power with a Toughness Test. If the target fails to resist the power, it suffers Energy Damage equal to the psyker’s Psy Rating plus one additional Damage per Degree of Failure on its Toughness Test; this Damage ignores Toughness Bonus and Armour. If this Damage successfully kills the target, the psyker may immediately recast this Psychic Power as a Free Action on any legal target within 5 metres of the original target.


Value: 200xp
Prerequisites: None
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Willpower Test
Range: 20 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: No
Subtype: Attack, Concentration
Description: Called by many names, Smite is a common destructive power used throughout the galaxy by many different psykers. The psyker conjures up bio-energy from deep within himself, summoning lethal bolts of lightning which leap from his fingertips to burn and blast his enemies to ash.
Smite is a Psychic Barrage that deals 1d10 + Psy Rating Energy Damage with a Pen of 4.


Value: 200xp
Prerequisites: Psyniscience Rank 1
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Psyniscience Test
Range: 3 metres x Psy Rating radius
Sustained: Half Action
Subtype: Concentration
Description: The psyker taps into the immaterium, using its energies to spread his senses over the battle, seeing what is, what has been, and what will be. By focussing this Warpsight to a razor’s edge he can guide his allies’ aims, directing their attacks to strike home.
For the duration of this power, a number of allies within range equal to the Psyker’s Psy Rating, plus the psyker himself, gain a bonus to their Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill equal to twice the psyker’s Psy Rating. Allies affected by this power lose its benefit as soon as they move out of range.

Character Sheets

Not on Computer sheet; Trade - Cook (Known)

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