Gulch Canyon Airstrip


Battlegroup Commander: Commander Gabriel Drakken, Elysian Drop Troops, commander on the ground and liasons with Seraphim for drop assets.
Lord Commissar: Maj Tomas Cutta, Commisariat, an extraordinarily brutal commissar, doesn't believe in second chances, would rather shoot every penal legionnaire he sees. Also lead interrogator, which is not a good combination.
Master Scout: Capt Bosco Braddock, Commander of the Tanith Sniper Det, also a master Xenologist.
CQ: Lt Paxton Mills, GM Grim Grenadiers
Cook: Cpl Chuck Gern, GM Grim Grenadiers
Head Medic: Sgt Patric Koralis, Elysian


Med Bay: Set up in the basement of the Company HQ/Barracks, is converted from the old kitchen to give the medics more capacity to work.
Barracks: Center of Camp, houses the Elysians, Commissars, HQ and the party; remainder of troops sleep in tents outside or rough shelters that the DKoK is setting up.
Kitchen/Mess: A large tented structure put up by DKoK Quartmermasters to house the cooks and mass feed troops. An after-hour canteen is laid on by Elysians, run by a duty Cpl, in the eating area outside of meal hours. There is a cleared area for the purpose of playing darts or cards towards the back of the canteen as well.
Vehicle Bays East and West: East is currently housing the majority of the troops and their equipment; west has the Venators and Tauros squadrons in it along with their crews and maintainers. Veh Bay east will eventually house any recovered imperial armour assets.

Troops and Equipment

Troop Organization

  • Company Command Squad: Coy Commander (Lord Drakken), Lord Commissar, MoO, Astropath and Officer of the Fleet
  • Death Korps of Krieg Sappers (Company worth) - 2x 60 rifleman Infantry Platoons, 6 Heavy Stubber Teams, 3 Mortar Teams

Used to man towers and build up fortifications in the area. Has been constructing temporary living quarters, gun emplacements, repairing roads etc.

  • Elysian Forward Attack Company

2 Platoons; each platoon has 3 sections of rifle infantry with 1 plasma gunner, 1 PCS with 2 plasma, 1 flamer, 1 grenade, and 1 special weapons section in a valkyrie with 1 melta gun, 1 lascutter and 1 Breacher Charge.
This company is also usually supported by a section or two of Tauros, 2 with heavy flamer for every 1 with a grenade launcher.

  • Elysian Logisticum Support Platoon - 30 or so clerks, medics, munitorum managers, cooks etc
  • Catachan Sanctioned Psyker Battle Squad -
  • Tanith First and Only Snipers - 5x Sniper rifles, occasionally detached to other units in ones and twos.
  • 1x Platoon of GM Grim Grenadiers - 3x rifle sections and each has 1 grenade launcher, and 1 special weapons squad with 3 grenade launchers.
  • Ogryn Squad - 4x Ogryn and one Bone'ead. GM Grenadiers regiment, were culled from Ogryn miners sent here.
  • Penal Legion Squad - 10 surviving criminals earning a reprieve from the mines.

Each command squad, whether Company or Platoon, has a Commissar attached.


12x Tauros, 8 with Flamer, 4 with Grenade
3x Venator with T-L Lascannon

On Seraphim for Vox-Call
2x Imperial Navy Lightning - For single use long-range airstrikes on hard targets.
12x Drop Sentinel - 9x Flamer, 2x Heavy Bolter, 1 Multi-melta
3x Valkyrie Assault Carrier - With Multi-laser and Hellstrike Missile, for possible aeriel extraction or insertion.

Weapons and Equipment Availability

Abundance of Flamer weaponry and fuel
Surplus of Demolition Charges as Death Korps has all kinds
2x DKoK Construction Sentinels

The amount of fuel at the moment is very low, until the promethium tanks are liberated.
Melta Weaponry is at a premium and due to the prevalence of vehicles being used by the enemy is reserved for anti-tank squads.
Hot-shot weaponry is not available; no Stormtrooper assets on-planet.


  • 3x Heavy Colossus Bombard Siege Mortars - Death Korps, On the ship, no safe place to set them up yet
  • 4x Chimera Transports - At the DM Vehicle Depot, currently held by Orks; was more but they're being converted to looted wagons and killa cans.
  • Deathstrike Missile Launcher - At the DM Vehicle Depot, currently held by Orks.
  • 6x Leman Russ - 3x Mbt, 1 Punisher, 1 Vanquisher, 1 Executioner (Inaccessible at the moment. Crews were killed from starvation after their fuel ran out when fleeing from an attack. Their availability depends on who wins the corresponding mission between Berthelot and myself to retrieve them.)
  • 3x Valkyrie Assault Carriers - Kept on Ship in reserve

Total Point Value: 6305

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