The Hydra Flak Tank is one of the most sought-after vehicles in the Imperial Guard arsenal, and its distinctive silhouette and four long-barrelled autocannons have kept the skies clear of enemy aircraft for millennia. Hydras are usually organised into large anti-aircraft batteries, but individual vehicles regularly find themselves seconded to specific companies where even a single tank can make a huge difference to the unit’s defensive capabilities. Artillery companies almost always have attached Hydra support, as they are often the most vulnerable to enemy bombing raids and quick strike aircraft. Infantry units also adore the Hydra, as it can both watch the skies for them as well as point its guns directly forward where the high explosive flak shells can cut enemy infantry to ribbons.
Much like the Manticore, the Hydra features highly sophisticated targeting equipment, and the turret is capable of locking onto a single airborne target and tracking it automatically without the need for manual readjustment by the crew. Combined with its prodigious rate of fire most aircraft that find themselves in a Hydra’s sights do not leave in one piece. Deployed by the thousands across the entire Spinward Front, most Hydra crews find their versatile guns pressed into a variety of tasks from standard AA operations, to infantry suppression and even rapid emergency forest clearing. There are few targets they cannot handle, and all Guardsmen feel safer when there’s a Hydra or two backing their lines.

Type: Tracked Vehicle Tactical Speed: 15 m
Cruising Speed: 50 kph Manoeuvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 40 Size: Massive
Armour: Front 30, Side 18, Rear 16
Vehicle Traits: Anti-Air (Advanced), Enclosed, Tracked Vehicle
Crew: 1 Commander (main gun), 1 Driver, 1 Comms-Operator (Hull Weapon), 1 gunner (main gun), 1 Loader (main gun)
Carrying Capacity: None

• 2 Turret Mounted Hydra autocannons (1500m; S/–/6; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 200; Reload 4 Full; Reliable, Tearing, Twin-Linked)

Hull mounted weapon (choose one of the following):
• Heavy bolter (Front Facing; 150m; –/–/6; 1D10+8 X; Pen 5; Clip 60; Reload Full; Tearing)
• Heavy flamer (Front Facing; 30m; S/–/–; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray)

The Hydra may take one pintle-mounted weapon mounted at the front of the vehicle (choose one of the following):
Heavy stubber (100m; –/–/8; 1d10+4 I; Pen 3; Clip 75; Reload 2 Full)
Storm bolter (90m; S/2/4; 1d10+5 X; Pen 4; Clip 60; Reload Full; Storm, Tearing)

Special Rules
Once a Hydra scores a successful hit on an enemy aircraft the Hydra’s targeting array automatically begins to track the target and turn the turret to keep the enemy within its sights. As long as a Hydra continues to target the same aircraft all shots from the two Hydra autocannons count as if they had made a Half-Action Aim, therefore gaining a +10 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests. This bonus is lost as soon as the target is destroyed, the Hydra stops firing at the target, or fires at another target. The bonus never applies to ground targets. Both Hydra autocannons must fire at the same target, and both weapons fire as a single Attack Action.

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