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The Logistics Test (page 162): The following sentence should be added at the end of this paragraph: “When a character acquires a weapon that uses ammunition via a successful Logistics Test, he receives one clip of ammunition for that weapon, plus one additional clip of ammunition per Degree of Success he scored on the Test beyond the first.
When a character acquires ammunition via a successful Logistics Test, he acquires 2 clips of ammunition for that weapon, plus one additional clip of ammunition per Degree of Success he scored on the Test beyond the first.”

Lessons Learned

Game 1

  • John's Plasma gun should have overheated on that first shot causing him to drop it because he rolled a 92.
  • Also when using it maximized it triples the ammo used, and has to spend a full round recharging.
  • John's psyker power Smite should've gotten multiple hits the first time he used it because it was a barrage power.
  • The autocannon uses 3 rounds when firing on semi-auto, and it only has semi-auto and no full-auto capabilities, though semi-auto fire is a half-action so it can do it twice and without a BS penalty. We'll just say he was a little crazy on the trigger the first times. Also, it being a heavy weapon it should've needed a half-action to brace the weapon before firing, so it still works out roughly.
  • Single Attacks are a half action and actually grant a +10 B.S. or W.S.; so you all should've done slightly better, as well as the orks. They now have a 4% chance to shoot Ajacks with that.
  • John's Psyker has no flamer training, so he would normally have a -20 to use it but it's a Spray weapon so it's just a 20m cone effect and the enemy does an agility test to dodge it. Will jam if John rolls a 9 on a damage dice.
  • Nick's Long-las has the variable charge setting; important to note for those kill shots, gives extra damage and armor pen at expense of ammo; as do all lascarbines and Lasguns.
  • Las Carbines and Las Guns also have a semi-auto setting, so they could've been mowing down troops a bit more.
  • Ork Shoota Boyz should've been firing on semi-auto, not that it mattered because they still wouldn't have hit anyone.
  • I forgot to include the Furious Assault ability when the Stormboy hit the autocannon, so he should've got a free attack against Ajacks.
  • I also forgot the Ork True Grit talent, so the Stormboyz on the ground may have taken an extra round to bleed out, but I doubt it.
  • On the plus side, you guys can grab those rokkit packs for yourself if you want to take your lives into Ork Machinery hands! Any ork weapons with the unreliable quality will be unreliable for you though.
  • You can shoot into melee, just at a -20 penalty.
  • If you outnumber opponents in melee you get a ganging up bonus, as on page 253.
  • Our movement speeds were slightly off but worked out correct anyway; everything is done in meters.
  • Lootas actually have a 200m range and are super deadly, good thing you killed one already and half-blinded the other one with it's exploded noggin.


  • For our miniature representation, 1 inch will equal 2 meters on the ground. This will get a little messed up only when it comes to melee because each person is then occupying a 2 meter location on the ground, but we'll justify that by saying that ranks aren't really shoulder to shoulder. Main reason is that if we didn't do it that way we'd need to use the whole basement to get long range for anything bigger than a pistol. Anything farther away than that, like you would engage with a sniper rifle, I'll represent scaled way down on a sheet of grid paper.
  • You can run in any direction, does not have to be a straight line, charge is the same but the last 4 meters to target needs to be a straight line. Charging gives you a +20 bonus to hit your target, as well Running characters are also harder to shoot at, with enemies getting a -20 to BS to hit them.
  • Might want to use the feint action for melee; half action, makes your next attack unavoidable with dodge.
  • Going to have to keep in mind the Pinning rule, especially with heavy weapons fire flying.
  • With surprised targets you get a full round surprise, then you roll for initiative, so you could go twice before an opponent does.
  • Overwatch is another action that should be considered for heavy weapons, works basically like the X-com overwatch.
  • Stun is another action that could be useful, basically just smashing a guy in the head; makes them stunned for a number of rounds and makes him gain fatigue.
  • Tactical Advance is a great way to move while maintaining cover when the enemy is in Overwatch.
  • We're going to need to figure out everyone's carrying capacity and what you have on you for weight. Not so important for this game, but subsequent ones where you'll be navigating and marching long distance it will be more so.
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