Improved Command And Control

Vehicles that are in command of larger formations often have even greater command and control systems than low-level command vehicles. Further enhanced communication systems and scanning equipment are a good way to achieve this, but more primitive races, such as the Orks, can achieve much the same result with massive “Shoutin’ Tubes” or even groups of Grots enthusiastically waving large banners and glyphs. The commander (or driver if there is no designated commander) of a vehicle with the Improved Command and Control Vehicle Trait may use his Command Skill to affect a number of squads or units (such as a Leman Russ or Chimera), in any combination, equal to his Fellowship bonus. This effect combines with Fellowship-based Talents such as Iron Discipline, Master Orator, and the like. Any character using this equipment also gains a +20 bonus to Command Skill Tests and may re-roll any failed Command Skill Tests. These systems are often used to coordinate the actions of large forces, up to the size of an Imperial Guard Company or Super-Heavy Tank Regiment.

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