Incorporeal creatures are insubstantial and weightless, able to pass through solid objects such as walls and weapons. An incorporeal creature gains a +30 bonus on Stealth Tests due to their ability to merge with objects and the fact they make practically no sound when they move. Incorporeal creatures gain the Hoverer (6) Trait. An incorporeal creature is also immune to normal weapons—they simply pass through its body as if it wasn’t there. Daemons, psychic powers, warp creatures, other incorporeal creatures, and opponents armed with force weapons may all injure an incorporeal creature normally. An incorporeal creature can’t normally affect the mortal world, and thus can’t damage non-incorporeal opponents unless it has a suitable special ability or Talent. Creatures with the Incorporeal Trait can damage other creatures with the Incorporeal Trait normally.
Certain devices can keep an incorporeal creature at bay, most notably the Gellar Field of a spaceship. Creatures with this Trait cannot pass through such a field.

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