Indirect (X) (Weapon Quality)

Mortars and similar Launcher weapons are often fired in a suppression mode, where the actual enemy cannot be seen and only their rough location is known. In these cases, mortar shells and the like can be fired without any actual line of sight required. Often such weapons are fired in conjunction with a spotter who directs fire from the weapon. Any ally with an auspex or who can see the target can assist with indirect fire.

  • When making any ranged attack Action (Standard Attack, Semi-Auto Burst, or Full Auto Burst) with an Indirect weapon, the attack does not have to target a location in line of sight of the active player, but is made at a –10 penalty and requires a Full Action instead of the normal Half Action. The active character, however, must be aware of his intended target, either by using the target’s last known position, through the use of a spotter, or through other means. The GM makes the final determination on whether or not the character is aware of his target’s location and may add penalties to this ranged attack based on how aware the character is of his target.
  • For each hit with the ranged attack, roll once on the Scatter Diagram (see page 255). The hit instead strikes the ground at a location a number of metres away from the intended target, in the direction rolled on the Scatter Diagram, equal to 1d10 minus the firer’s Ballistic Skill Bonus—to a minimum of zero.
  • If the ranged attack fails, or if the Semi-Auto Burst or Full Auto Burst Actions fail to achieve the maximum potential hits, the remaining missed hits—up to the maximum potential hit for the rate of fire used in the attack—are still fired, but miss their target. For each missed hit, roll once on the Scatter Diagram (see page 255). The hit instead strikes the ground at a location Xd10 metres away from the intended target in the direction rolled on the Scatter Diagram (where X is equal to the number in parentheses [X]).
  • If the active character has a Comrade in cohesion, that Comrade may spend a Full Action to help the character in aiming and steadying the weapon. If he does, then the attack with the Indirect weapon does not suffer from the normal –10 penalty and all missed hits only scatter Xd5 metres.
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