Inferno Cannon

Specifically designed as part of the Hellhound Flame Tank, the inferno cannon has a limited number of other uses within the Tactica Imperialis. These enormous flamers send huge gouts of white hot flames over an extended portion of the battlefield. Their accelerated pumping mechanisms grant the turreted weapons the abilities to shoot massive jets of destruction at a range that drastically exceeds that of a traditional flamer. Because of this, when calculating the weapon’s spray area, the cannon’s wielder may choose to begin the spray at a point up to half the weapon’s range away from the firing point. Due to the inferno cannon’s power, other vehicles do not add their Armour value when making the Operate Test to avoid catching on fire from the Flame Quality.
The inferno cannon draws fuel from a large storage tank, and can’t be easily reloaded on the battlefield. Reloading one requires at least thirty minutes at a properly equipped facility.

Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Inferno Cannon Vehicle 50m S/–/– 2d10+15 E 8 50 Flame, Spray 600 kg Rare
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