Inspire Wrath (Talent)

Tier: 2
Prerequisite: Air of Authority
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Leadership
The character’s personal vitriol and bitter hatred is so ingrained in his being that he can inspire the same hate in others. As a Full Action, the character can make a Charm Test to grant the effects of the Hatred Talent to their Squad, or any people in their immediate vicinity. Success on the Test grants the Hatred Talent to the listeners (with the object of hate chosen by the character) for the duration of an encounter. Listeners can resist the effects of the character’s speech (and therefore not be burdened with his chosen hatred) by passing an Opposed Willpower Test against the character’s Charm Skill Test. Inspire Wrath affects a number of people up to 10 times the character’s Fellowship, which can be increased with the use of the Master Orator Talent as normal. Both players and GMs should bear in mind, however, that once a crowd has been inspired to hatred or mindless anger, the effects can be unpredictable and are seldom exactly as the character intends.

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