Invisibility (Psyker Power)

Value: 400xp
Prerequisites: Agility 30, Psy Rating 4
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Difficult (–10) Willpower Test
Range: 10 metres x Psy Rating
Sustained: Free Action
Subtype: Concentration
Description: The psyker worms his way into his opponents’ senses, causing even their sight to betray them. Using this control he can bend their vision around a target, rendering it all but invisible to their eyes.
The psyker nominates a single target within range and line of sight, this could be the psyker himself. For the duration of the power, the target counts as being Trained in the Stealth Skill, and gains a bonus to Stealth Tests equal to +5 times the psyker’s Psy Rating. Additionally, all ranged attacks made against the target suffer a penalty equal to –5 times the psyker’s Psy Rating. The target loses this power’s benefits as soon as it moves out of range.

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