Main export is the Chimera Chassis with a number of different platforms; commonly it is the basic Chimera, Salamander, Hellhound, Bane Wolf Chem Tank, and their rare variant, the Samaritan Medevac Vehicle.

Kervatha Rogue Trader Planet Details

Type: Planet (page 16 - Stars of Inequity)
Body: Vast (Table 1-6: Body, page 19 - Stars of Inequity)
Gravity: High (Table 1-7: Gravity, page 20 - Stars of Inequity) (-5 Penalty to Strength checks on world)
Atmospheric Presence: Thin (Table 1-9: Atmospheric Presence, page 21 - Stars of Inequity)
Atmospheric Composition: Pure (Table 1-10: Atmospheric Composition, page 21 - Stars of Inequity) (+5 Bonus to Agility checks on world)
Climate: Hot World (Table 1-11: Climate, page 22 - Stars of Inequity)
Habitability: Liquid Water (Table 1-12: Habitability, page 23 - Stars of Inequity)
Major Continents or Archipelagos: 1 (Landmasses, page 23 - Stars of Inequity)
Smaller Islands: 78 (Landmasses, page 23 - Stars of Inequity)
Territories: None
Base Mineral Resources:
• Plentiful (287) industrial metals
• Significant (70) ornamentals
• Plentiful (151) radioactives
• Plentiful (166) exotic materials
Organic Compounds: None
Archeotech Caches: Sustainable (41) (page 28 - Stars of Inequity)
Xenos Ruins: Sustainable (44) ruins of Egarian origin (page 31 - Stars of Inequity)
Inhabitants: None

Kervatha Luna
Type: Lesser Moon (page 16 - Stars of Inequity)
Base Mineral Resources: None
Inhabitants: Xenos (Other)
Inhabitant Development: Colony (page 41 - Stars of Inequity)

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