Lance Corporal Jake Burnatelli

Date: 27 Dec 2012
Paints: Vallejo Khaki (Coat highlights), British Camo (Brown Strap), Zambesi Desert (Coat), Runefang Steel for all metal, Gehenna's Gold (Handle), Hashut Copper (cables), Blood for the Blood God (Sword blood), Cadian Fleshtone + Vallejo Basic Skintone mixed together (skin tone), Vallejo Grey Wash
Used more vallejo skin tone mixed in to make the highlights on the face.
Unit Type: Can be one of two depending on where he's located; Platoon Command Squad as a Guardsman, or a Veteran with Company Command Squad or Veteran Squad.
Guardsman WS 3, BS 3, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 3, A 1, Ld 7, Sv 5+
Veteran WS 3, BS 4, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 3, A 1, Ld 7, Sv 5+
heavy flamer (Range: Template, Str 5, AP 4, Assault 1; 20 points in command squad)
Cost: Roughly 27 points

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