Launcher Weapons

In a galaxy raked by war and disorder there is a high demand for extremely destructive ordnance. To that end, the forge worlds of the Imperium send out a steady stream of explosives, grenades, and similar weaponry, some of which may find its way into the hands of the Guardsmen and their foes. To use the various classes of launchers, a character must have the Weapon Training (Launcher) Talent. Setting explosives requires the Demolition special use of the Tech-Use Skill.

Launcher Weapons
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt. Availability
Grenade Launcher Basic 60m S/–/– 6 2 Full 12kg Average
Hellstrike Missiles Vehicle 300m S/–/– 3d10+7 X 7 1 N/A Blast (5) 85kg Very Rare
Hunter-Killer Missile Vehicle 350m S/–/– 3d10+6 X 6 1 N/A 64kg Very Rare
Missile Launcher Heavy 300m S/–/– 1 Full 35kg Rare
Mortar Heavy 50– 300m S/–/– 1 Full Inaccurate, Indirect (2)† 41kg Rare

†The Damage, Penetration, and Special Qualities of Launcher weapons with variable ammunition are dependent upon the grenade or missile used.
+ Ork Weapons

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