Lightning Attack (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Swift Attack
Aptitudes: Weapon Skill, Finesse
The character’s speed with weapons is unmatched, allowing him to launch flurries of attacks in melee. A Player Character with this Talent may make the Lightning Attack Combat Action (see page 246).

Lightning Attack Combat Action

Type: Half Action
Subtype: Attack, Melee
This Action may only be taken if the attacker has the Lightning Attack Talent. With fury and precision, the attacker strikes his target multiple times in close combat. The attacker must be armed with a melee weapon or be able to make unarmed attacks to take this Action. If he is armed with two melee weapons, he may attack with both as per the rules for Two- Weapon Fighting. Unbalanced or Unwieldy melee weapons cannot be used to make a Lightning Attack.

The attacker makes a Difficult (–10) Weapon Skill Test. Success indicates he has hit his target with his melee weapon once for every Degree of Success. The number of hits scored cannot exceed the attacker’s Weapon Skill Bonus. Extra hits can either be allocated to the original target or any other targets the character is in melee with, provided none of the new targets would have been harder to hit than the original target. If extra hits are allocated to the same target, use Table 8–2: Multiple Hits to determine the extra Hit Locations. Remember, the first hit is always determined by reversing the numbers of the dice result made to perform the Test (see The Attack, page 249).
If the character is armed with two weapons, and has the appropriate Talents, he may make a secondary attack with his other weapon as part of this Action. See Two-Weapon Fighting above.

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