Low Tech Melee Weapons

Basic hand weapons are a common sight throughout the Imperium, and in many places it would be unthinkable to venture forth without at least one such weapon visible on your person. Depending on the planet’s level of technology—and the wealth of the user—these can range from simple metal swords to high-tech blades made of exotic materials.

Name Class Range Dam Pen Special Wt. Availability
Great Weapon Melee 2d10 R 0 Ogryn-Proof, Unbalanced 7kg Scarce
Groxwhip Melee 3m 1d10+3 R 0 Flexible, Tearing, Primitive (6) 4kg Scarce
Hunting Lance Melee 2d10+3 X 7 Concussive (3) 4kg Scarce
Improvised Melee 1d10–2 I 0 Ogryn-Proof, Primitive (7), Unbalanced
Knife Melee/Thrown 5m 1d5 R 0 1kg Plentiful
Shields†† Melee 1d5 I 0 Defensive, Primitive (6) 3kg Common
Spear Melee 1d10 R 0 Primitive (8) 3kg Common
Staff Melee 1d10 I 0 Balanced, Primitive (7) 3kg Plentiful
Sword Melee 1d10 R 0 Balanced 3kg Common
Truncheon Melee 1d10 I 0 Ogryn-Proof, Primitive (7) 2kg Plentiful
Warhammer Melee 1d10+2 I 1 Ogryn-Proof, Primitive (8) 4.5kg Scarce
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