Luggnum Sewer Rats

“They’re damn good with a blade, and no slouches when it comesto drinkin’, either. There’s none I’d rather have by my side in battleor in the barroom than a Sewer Rat. Only thing is, I can never tell when they’re joking.”
–Corporal Sein, Gunmetallican 35th

Luggnum is a backwater mining world situated in a relatively isolated region of the Golgenna Reach. The ores obtained through the backbreaking labour of Luggnum’s lower classes are useful but unremarkable—a description that could be applied to the entire planet. As a mining world, Luggnum is often overshadowed by the nearby Sepheris Secundus. While the Imperial Guard regiments raised from Luggnum may not be as famed as the Brontian Longknives, or as oft-imitated as the Cadian Shock Troops, they are every bit as tough, as dependable, and as under-appreciated as the ore quarried from the depths of their home world.
The people of Luggnum are faithful, honourable, and hard-working. Luggnum’s men and women take to heart the Imperial maxim that work earns salvation. The knowledge that they serve the Emperor is more than enough to content most of Luggnum’s inhabitants as they toil in the darkness of the mines, but that doesn’t stop them from envying those of their fellows chosen to serve the Emperor in a decidedly more heroic fashion—serving in the Imperial Guard.
In contrast to the bleak, monochrome landscape of their home world, the people of Luggnum prefer bright, colourful patterns for their garb. This extends to the Sewer Rats, who often personalise their blue and white uniforms with family crests, devotional sayings, and the occasional spot of gallows humour. The Luggnum uniform is characterised by a flak kilt, which covers the upper legs and provides the same level of protection as a heavy flak coat. The patterns of these kilts are particular to each regiment, although many Sewer Rats add their own touches. The warriors of Luggnum maintain that their garb allows for great mobility and speed during combat, and more than one Guardsman serving alongside a Luggnum regiment has had to pick up his teeth after questioning a Sewer Rat’s grit. The lack of a helmet is also notable—it’s a common saying that a Luggnum native would as soon take a bullet to the skull as put on another helmet after getting out of the mines.
The moniker of “Sewer Rats” was bestowed on the Luggnum regiments centuries ago, and a number of different stories profess to explain it—some less flattering than others. Regardless of the truth, the people of Luggnum have adopted the disparaging name as a source of pride, characteristic of the dour humour for which they are known. Despite their relief at escaping the doldrums of mine work, Luggnum regiments are often assigned operations to which their experience is suited. These include such theatres of war as the depths of hive cities, the catacombs of Shrine Worlds, and, on occasion, the corridors of a void craft or space hulk. Logically, the Luggnum Sewer Rats are often called up to fight on mining worlds. Casualties during such missions are often jokingly chalked up to “a case of homesickness” by Lugnum Guardsmen.
Luggnum culture places high value on a man’s ability to handle himself in a brawl, which perhaps explains the preference shown by many Luggnum regiments for close combat. The Sewer Rats are drawn from all levels of society, but from the highest noble to the lowliest labourer, each man brings with him his clan sword, a priceless family heirloom. It’s a common saying on Luggnum that “even those who have nothing can still offer their blades.” What’s remarkable about this tradition, however, is the craftsmanship of all Lugnum familial blades. Even the poorest family of deep-miners can boast a blade of the finest workmanship and sharpest edge.
This has led to rumours that the nobles of Luggnum hoard the finest ores for the use of their personal smiths, or even hide entire mines of rare material from Imperial surveyors, although investigation and testing has so far lent no credence to such stories. When a Luggnumite falls on the battlefield, his squad mates see it as a matter of gravest honour to recover his blade—in fact, placing a much higher priority on recovering his sword than his body.
Many Luggnum Sewer Rats have experience serving on deep
mining operations back home, during which they might operate at lung-crushing depths for weeks or months without returning to the surface. Men serving under such conditions must learn a certain degree of self-sufficiency, as mine collapses, rock pirates, and other hazards can easily prevent the delivery of much-needed supplies. Luggnum miners tithed to the Imperial Guard often ply these skills on the battlefield, making the best of available resources and finding creative uses for common equipment.
Like many worlds in the Calixis Sector, Luggnum has its secrets. The planet is still haunted by the atrocities committed by Lady Orlea Grey many years ago, although they are seldom spoken of in polite company. Some believe that Luggnum was not the first world subjected to the Lady’s heresies, and in near-empty taverns, in the dead of night, grizzled miners whisper that Orlea Grey was no native-born Luggnum noble at all. Despite attempts by the authorities to cover up the truth, there are few on Luggnum who have not heard whispers of the sadistic blasphemies committed by Grey and her courtiers in the once-fruitful Ironback Mines, though few know, or even suspect, the true scale of her crimes. The Ironback Mines are long since sealed by order of the Holy Inquisition, that the lingering taint of Chaos not pollute Luggnum’s material output or its population. Rumours persist, however, of dark, twisted things glimpsed in the deepest shafts of Luggnum’s other mines, ghoulish figures that may once have been human.


In the Spinward Front, Luggnum Regiments are often assigned to battlefronts on mining worlds or orbital stations, where their experience in close-quarters combat can be used to full effect. The Sewer Rats have frequently been deployed to defend or retake the many orbital docks of Kulth. It’s little surprise that a Luggnum regiment was assigned to Hervara, much to the chagrin of the men and women of the 3rd Light Infantry.
To the earnest people of Luggnum, the treachery of the Severan Dominate is anathema, and most Sewer Rats are more than ready to go to war against the traitors. As with all good Imperial citizens, the fire of hatred for the xenos burns in the hearts of the Luggnum Sewer Rats, and their skill with the blade gives many a fighting chance, slim as it is, in a closequarters engagement with the Orks. Many Sewer Rats have been stationed for years on war-torn Kulth, and it’s a common joke amongst the Luggnum Guardsmen that it’s nice to get some fresh air after spending so much time in the mines.


As much as any Luggnum regiment, the pall of the Red Vaults incident hangs over the men and women of the 3rd Light Infantry. Many were forced to turn their weapons on their neighbours and kinsmen who fell under the sway of Lady Grey and her unholy influence. Many more lost friends and family to the horrors of the Red Vaults, and the deadly pastimes of the Lady and her depraved court. A few were even subjected to the terrors of the Ironback Mines, saved only by the grace of the God-Emperor and the timely intervention of the Adeptus Arbites. Regardless of their connection, nearly every member of the 3rd Sewer Rats has been affected by that infamous event. The regiment’s commanding officer, Major Natalia Foudrang, was forever changed by the incident. A woman of faith and devotion, her thorough interrogation by the Inquisition convinced the young officer that no one is beyond suspicion. Since that time, her paranoia has continued to grow, souring the climate of the 3rd Light Infantry.


Characters belonging to the Luggnum 3rd Light Infantry Regiment receive the following advantages.
Characteristic Modifiers: +6 Agility, +3 Perception, –3 Toughness, +2 Weapon Skill
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, Navigation (Surface)
Starting Talents: Heightened Senses (Hearing), Paranoia, Sprint, Street Fighting
Wounds: –1
Standard Regimental Kit: One lascarbine and four charge packs, one Good Craftsmanship sword, one knife, preysense goggles, one flak coat and flak kilt, two frag grenades, two smoke grenades, uniform consisting of a bloused shirt and sturdy breeches, poor weather gear, bandolier, rucksack, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and water canteen, one blanket and sleep bag, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one set of ident coins, copy of the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, two weeks’ supply of combat sustenance rations.
Favoured Weapons: Heavy bolter, meltagun


The rules for the Luggnum 3rd Light Infantry were created using the rules from Chapter II: Regiment Creation in the ONLY WAR CORE RULEBOOK, as follows:
Home World: Hive World
Regiment Type: Light Infantry, but with the flak helmet replaced by a flak kilt
Doctrines: Hardened Fighters, Scavengers
Commanding Officer: Bilious
Total Cost: 12 points


Uniforms amongst the Imperial Guard vary wildly, from utilitarian camouflage fatigues to embroidered greatcoats. Beyond their bloused shirts and shoulder bags, the Sewer Rats are distinguished by two unique items. While these can be considered standard kit for the Sewer Rats, neither is supplied by the Departmento Munitorum, and are provided by the people of Luggnum.
Each Guardsman raised from Luggnum is equipped with a flak kilt. This uncommon armour is made of the same ballistic cloth as the more prevalent flak cloaks and flak coats, and sometimes features additional rigid plates. Typically, Luggnum regiments are raised from amongst the subjects of a single Luggnum noble when possible. It is traditional for the liege to supply his departing subjects each with a flak kilt emblazoned with a variant of the noble’s family crest. This unique emblem is adopted as a regimental marking. Mysteriously, since the Red Vaults incident, there have been no verified sightings of any of the three active regiments raised from the lands of the Grey family.
Every true Luggnum family, no matter how high or how lowly, possesses a clan sword that is passed down through the generations. No true son or daughter of Luggnum would part with this clan sword; given the choice between selling this hereditary blade or starving to death, any would gladly starve. Most of these swords are centuries, if not millennia old, and crafted according to the highest standards. Clan swords are usually Good Craftsmanship swords, and are often engraved with a family crest or motto. Traditionally, the sword is bestowed on the eldest son or daughter of a family. Should the sword’s bearer fall on the field of battle, it is the responsibility of his squad mates to retrieve the blade and return it to his family.

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