Maglev Coils (Cybernetic)

Archaeotech systems of powerful gravimetric coils are implanted in the body, allowing the user to become unshackled from gravity’s grasp for short periods. Using a Half Action, the user may hover 20-30 centimetres off the ground for a number of minutes equal to 1d10 plus the character’s Toughness Bonus. The character must employ a Half Action each Round to concentrate on operating this implant and may use the other Action to move normally. The character can slow his rate of descent when falling so long as this implant is active when the character reaches the ground, reducing all falling Damage to 1d10+3 Impact Damage. Each time the character activates the coils, it drains the stored power and cannot be used again until recharged (which takes 24 hours).

Availability: Very Rare

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